Graduate Student Review Policy

  1. It will be a policy of the Graduate Council that every master's, specialist, and doctoral student will be reviewed annually for progress toward the degree. At a minimum, the review will cover progress: a) in completing courses with an adequate grade point average; b) in completing the thesis/dissertation/ project requirements; c) in completing all of the required examinations; d) toward completing other requirements for the degree.
  2. The review process for each department/program must be submitted to the Graduate School. While the procedure is left to the department's discretion, the departmental review committee must consist of at least two members and the review must include a face-to-face interview with the student except where that is impossible or impractical (as approved by the Graduate School). The face-to-face interview may be conducted by the review coordinator alone. Included in the policy should be a statement about the consequences for students who refuse to take part in the review process and/or interview.
  3. When the review of each student is completed, the review form (to be developed by the Graduate School) will be signed by the graduate student and the department head/chair, as well as other appropriate individuals as designated in the departmental review policy. This review will be forwarded to the Graduate School, to be included in the student's file. The form will indicate whether the student is making normal progress toward the degree. If the student is not making normal progress toward the degree, the form must indicate if the student is making adequate progress and an explanation of this progress. If the student is making neither ordinary nor adequate progress toward the degree, an explanation must be provided. In this case, the head/chair of the department must also provide a statement about how the situation will be remedied. If the department/program determines that the situation cannot be remedied, the student will be informed that he/she will be removed from the program.
  4. Each department/program will develop a graduate student handbook which includes a definition of normal progress toward the degrees granted by the department/program; that lists and explains (as necessary) departmental requirements; and that refers the student to the Graduate School handbook and web-site.
  5. The Graduate Council encourages the Provost and deans to make adequate resources available so that each department/program can have a graduate advisor with the appropriate time committed to advising.


Approved by the Graduate Council on Sept. 20, 2001 and by the Faculty Senate Oct. 17, 2001