Teaching Assistant Effectiveness Advisory Committee

The Teaching Assistant Effectiveness Advisory Committee is dedicated to supporting teaching assistants so they are prepared, confident and knowledgeable in the classroom. Committee members assist in planning teaching assistant orientation and teaching assistant workshops. The committee members are:


  • Grant Bain, instructor of English
  • Amanda Cantu, director of graduate student retention and graduation and director of Graduate School and International Education communications
  • Elias Dominguez Barajas, associate professor of English
  • Patricia R. Koski, associate dean of the Graduate School ad International Education
  • Lynn Meade, instructor of communication
  • Necia T. Parker-Gibson, librarian
  • Pat Parkerson, associate professor of engineering
  • Mary Savin, professor of microbial ecology and co-director of the Teaching and Faculty Support Center
  • Michael R. Thomsen, associate professor of agricultural economics

The committee welcomes any suggestions for how to better support and advocate for teaching assistants. Please, send any feedback to Amanda Cantu via email at amandcan@uark.edu.