Graduate Recruitment Assistance Fund

“Graduate education is an important part of a research university and graduate students make significant contributions to the research and teaching missions of the university; and key to the university’s impact on economic development. We will work to enhance and improve graduate education at the University of Arkansas by intensifying the recruitment and boosting support of graduate students as well as making sure that our programs are preparing graduate students for a variety of productive careers.”

- Chancellor Joseph Steinmetz, 2016

Strengthening graduate education is one of the guiding priorities for the University of Arkansas and an important component is the recruitment and retention of a highly qualified and diverse graduate student population. The Graduate School and International Education has established the Graduate Recruitment Assistance Fund (GRAF) to encourage, empower, and support University of Arkansas graduate programs with their recruitment efforts. Graduate programs may request cost-share funding to assist with recruitment initiatives.

GRAF funds are not intended to be used for purposes of attending conferences or other professional events where student recruitment is not the primary intent or focus. Funding may be considered for conferences that have a recruiting focus provided an adequate proposal is submitted demonstrating how attendance at the event will directly benefit graduate student recruitment for your program.

To be eligible for consideration, the department recruiter must attend or have attended a Best Practices in Graduate Recruitment session (offered monthly or by appointment) by the Office of Graduate and International Recruitment.

Application Procedure

Complete the on-line request for recruitment funding to include the following

  1. Amount requesting
    Payment will be for actual costs up to the amount requested.
  2. Amount supplied by department/program
  3. Cost center number
  4. Date and purpose of activity
  5. Proposal to include how the funds will be used, goals, and expected outcome
  6. Budget and budget justification
  7. Approval from department/program chair

Awarding Procedure

The Director of Graduate and International Recruitment, or his or her designee, will review the request and notify the program of the decision.

Funding Disbursement Procedure

Funds will be disbursed upon submission of the following
  1.   A final report which summarizes the outcome of the recruitment initiative and ways to enhance future recruitment efforts
  2.   A list of prospective students to be entered in our recruitment database
  3.   The department strategy of follow-up with prospective students
  4.   Photos of the event to post on social media

Recruitment possibilities (suggestions only)

  1. Bring prospective students to campus to meet faculty, tour campus, attend a class, and speak to current University of Arkansas students. Funds may be used for travel, food, and lodging.
  2. UA campus visits for admitted students to seal the deal. Funds may be used for travel, food, and lodging.
  3. Visit universities to build relationships and recruit potential students
  4. Participation in student conferences by purchasing and staffing a recruitment table.