Transfer of Credit

For the courses to be eligible to transfer, they must follow the below regulations:

Transfer of Credit Regulations Established by the Graduate School for the Various Master’s Degrees:

Transfer of Credit is permissible for master’s programs only. Transfer of credit is not acceptable for doctoral degrees. For doctoral candidates, at the discretion of the advisory committee, the program of study may be adjusted in lieu of work taken at other colleges or universities and recognized by the candidate’s committee, but it will not appear on the University of Arkansas academic record.

Criteria for Acceptable Transfer Credit:

  • The course must have been regularly offered by a regionally accredited graduate school.
  • The course must have been a bona fide graduate level course, approved for graduate credit and taught by a member of the graduate faculty.
  • The student desiring to transfer graduate credit must have been enrolled as a graduate student in the graduate school at the institution offering the course.
  • The course must appear on an official transcript as graduate credit from the institution offering the course.
  • The course grade must be a “B” or “A.” (The student’s grade point average does NOT include grades on transfer courses.)
  • The course must be recommended by the student’s major adviser and be applicable to the degree requirement at the University of Arkansas.
  • The course must not have been taken by correspondence or for extension credit.
  • The course must be acceptable to the department concerned and to the Graduate Dean.
  • The student must have satisfied the 24-week residence requirements. (The student must have satisfactorily completed a total of 24 hours of graded graduate course work taken in residence.)
  • The course must have been taken within the time limit of the student’s program at the University of Arkansas.
  • Credit from foreign universities is typically not acceptable for transfer because of academic and procedural differences between U.S. regionally accredited and foreign institutions, but petition may be made to the Graduate Dean on a case by case basis.

Note: Graduate credit cannot be transferred to satisfy any of the requirements for the M.B.A. degree unless the school at which the course was taken is accredited by A.A.C.S.B. This requirement is not specified by the Graduate School, but by the Graduate School of Business.

An original transcript along with a transfer of credit form signed by the major advisor will need to be submitted to the graduate school.