Frequently Asked Questions

Is PCP only for students who want to join the Peace Corps after college?

Not necessarily! The Peace Corps Prep Program helps you build your college experiences to grow your cross-cultural, language, and leadership skills. These are all important skills for any work environment.

Does PCP require me to study abroad?

No. While studying abroad is a fantastic way to get cross-cultural experience, the program offers alternate ways to get similar experience in the Northwest Arkansas area.

Will PCP add extra required coursework to my degree program?

The Peace Corps Prep Program does have a total of 23 required hours of university coursework. However, these credits can be built seamlessly into almost any degree program on campus, if you get started early enough. Make an appointment with the Peace Corps Prep Program Advisor to discuss how to make the program work for your degree!

Where do Peace Corps Volunteers go?

Peace Corps Volunteers serve in over 60 countries on 4 continents. Placement is determined by location need, applicant preference, language skills, and previous experience. Find out more about where the Peace Corps can take you!

What do Peace Corps Volunteers do?

Peace Corps service is organized into six sectors:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Environment
  3. Community Economic Development
  4. Health
  5. Education
  6. Youth in Development

Volunteers serve their communities for a total of 27 months, and each placement is unique to the needs of the region in which it is located. Volunteers help empower locals to make lasting, meaningful impacts on their communities.