Requirements Checklist & Overview

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Volunteer Sector

Choose one from the following:
  • Agriculture
  • Community Economic Development
  • Education
  • Health
  • Youth in Development
  • Environment

Training And Experience

  • 3 courses (9 credit hours) related to chosen sector:
    • Course 1: Sem/Year
    • Course 2: Sem/Year
    • Course 3: Sem/Year
  • 50 hours of hands-on experience in sector - list potential/past opportunities:

Foreign Language Skills

  • 2 courses (6 credit hours) in foreign language: (Alternate options: 3 yrs at high school or CLEP test)
    • Course 1: Sem/Year
    • Course 2: Sem/Year

Intercultural Competence

  • 3 courses (9 credit hours) from approved list (see student guide):
    • Core Course: Sem/Year
    • Elective 1: Sem/Year
    • Elective 2: Sem/Year
  • Experiential Component:
    • 50 hours of hands-on cultural development experience
    • Study Abroad (Full semester preferred, minimum 4-week immersive/intensive language)

Professional Leadership Development

  • The following opportunities are offered through the Career Development Center. Choose option 1 or 2:
    1. Option 1
      • Career Track Razorbacks (CTR) Start Finish
      • CTR Elective: Global Awareness Sem/Year
    2. Option 2
      • Attend a Career Fair Sem/Year
      • Interview Skills Workshop Sem/Year
      • Resume Review Sem/Year
  • List potential/past Leadership Experiences:


Phase One

  • Hooray! You have decided the Peace Corps might be part of your post graduation plans!
    • Research the various Volunteer Sectors and Locations
    • Decide which Sector best suits your goals
  • Make an advising appointment with the PCP Program Advisor. Go over course options Discuss volunteer opportunities and how to log hours Discuss plans for leadership development
  • First things first - Visit the Office of Study Abroad to discuss options Enroll in Career Track Razorbacks Review Intercultural Competence course list Select meaningful organizations with which you will volunteer

    Phase Two

    • Asses your goals -
      • Keep in mind the type of work you hope to be doing in the future
      • Align volunteer and leadership experiences to these goals
    • Get to work!
      • Keep regular logs of volunteer hours
      • Get involved on campus and rise to a leadership position
      • Get involved with the international community on campus
      • Complete all modules for Career Track Razorbacks
      • Submit documentation to BlackBoard as you go
      • Stay focused on necessary course work!

Phase Three

  • Apply for the PCP Certificate -
    • Review Requirements Checklist
    • Ensure all documentation is uploaded to BlackBoard Fill out the PCP Certificate application
    • Final meeting with PCP Program Advisor
  • Graduate!
    • Celebrate your hard-work and accomplishments with an end of the year Peace Corps Banquet and Certificate Presentation


Phase 3 takes place during the last semester of undergrad.

The PCP Certificate does not guarantee a Peace Corps placement.

Due Dates

  • Spring Graduation | Mar. 1
  • Fall Graduation | Oct. 1


Alshaatha Alsharji

PCP Program Advisor


Office of Study Abroad 520 Storer Ave

Fayetteville, AR 72701