Just the Facts: Graduate School and International Education

Who We Are

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    • Retention and Graduation
  • International Education
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    • Study Abroad and International Exchange 

What We Do

We advocate for students and student success. We recruit, retain and graduate students who ask tough questions, drive innovation, break barriers, explore every angle and solve complex problems. We foster excellence by preparing our students to contribute to a global society.

We keep a global perspective. We draw strength from diversity by facilitating opportunities for students from Arkansas, the nation and the world to learn from each other and discover together.

We approach complex problems from multiple angles. We develop interdisciplinary graduate programs that bring a holistic perspective to both old and new challenges.

We lead change, and our future has never been brighter.

Graduate School

The Graduate School at the University of Arkansas has a reputation for producing some of the most influential leaders and researchers of our time. Our students work with experts in their fields who are striving to answer today’s most challenging questions. They are at the forefront of discovery and are committed to enriching the global community.

By the Numbers

  • 1,512 graduate assistantships awarded
  • 4,275 graduate students enrolled
  • More than 575 travel grants awarded (fiscal year 2016)
  • 16% under-represented graduate students 
  • 249 doctoral fellows
  • 8 Southern Regional Education Board Scholars
  • 9 NSF Graduate Research Fellows
  • 50 Benjamin Franklin Lever Fellows
  • Graduate student enrollment has trended up from around 3,750 in 2011 to 4,275 in 2016
  • Graduate degrees awarded have increased from around 1,275 in 2010-11 to 1,337 in 2015-16

International Education

Students from Australia to Vietnam, Bolivia to Yemen, Croatia to Zambia and everywhere in between call the University of Arkansas home. Our international students have diverse backgrounds, but they share the common goal of wanting to receive a quality education from a university known for its academic and research excellence.

Hospitality is at the heart of our mission. We strive to create an engaging campus life by providing international education seminars, intercultural training, cultural immersions and country specific workshops.

By the Numbers

  • 50 Fulbright Scholars enrolled
  • 757 undergraduate students enrolled
  • 709 graduate and professional students
  • 291 international scholars (2015-16 academic year) 
  • 112 countries represented
  • 226 Sponsored Students

Study Abroad

  • More than 1,000 students studied abroad during the 2015-16 academic year
  • Students visited nearly 50 countries
  • Nearly 40 study abroad programs were faculty-led
  • Nearly 200 students spent a semester or longer abroad
  • More than 400 faculty members traveled abroad
  • Faculty members visited more than 90 countries
  • Nearly 50 exchange students call our campus home

Interdisciplinary Programs

We are strong believers that complex problems must often be approached from multiple angles. This mindset has led to the development of six interdisciplinary graduate degree programs that, together with the appropriate research centers, require collaboration among all of the university’s colleges.

Our programs in Cell and Molecular Biology, Environmental Dynamics, Microelectronics-Photonics, Public Policy, Space and Planetary Sciences and Statistics and Analytics bring a holistic perspective to both old and new challenges in a variety of research areas.

Points of Pride

  • The Cell and Molecular Biology program is the largest doctoral program on campus.
  • Cell and Molecular Biology program participants authored articles in nearly 50 peer-reviewed publications and gave more than 100 oral presentations.
  • Students in the Environmental Dynamics program were invited to the White House to brief the President’s climate adviser.
  • A record number of students in the Microelectronics-Photonics program took the doctoral candidacy exam.
  • Students in the Public Policy program authored 16 peer-reviewed journal articles.
  • A record number of Space and Planetary Science students gave oral presentations at the annual Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.
  • Enrollment in the Statistics and Analytics program has nearly tripled since its creation in 2014.
  • The first students graduated from the Statistics and Analytics program, since the program’s creation in 2014.

Sponsored Research

Cell and Molecular Biology faculty and students recorded nearly $19 million in continuing grant support and more than $3 million in new grant support.
Environmental Dynamics faculty earned more than $3 million in external funding.
Public Policy students and faculty were collaborators on more than $5 million in grant funding.
Space and Planetary Science faculty and students received nearly $2 million in grant funding.

By the Numbers

  • 262 students enrolled in interdisciplinary programs
  • More than 500 program alumni
  • More than 35 disciplines incorporated into programs

Outstanding Interdisciplinary Students

  • Priyanka Sharma, cell and molecular biology
    • Sharma was the University of Arkansas' first-ever competitor in the Conference of Southern Graduate Schools' Three Minute Thesis contest
  • Aaron Shew, environmental dynamics
    • Shew received a $34,000 National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship for the 2016-17 academic year
  • Diana Chen, environmental dynamics
    • Chen earned a Graduate Research Fellowship from the Society of Ethnobiology
  • Elizabeth Underwood, public policy
    • Underwood, an alumna of the public policy program, was named one of the most powerful women in Arkansas by AY magazine
  • Corey Thompson, microelectronics-photonics
    • WattGlass, a company founded by alumnus Corey Thompson, received a nearly $750,000 National Science Foundation grant for further development of the company's nano-particle coating for glass
  • Rebecca Mickol, space and planetary sciences
    • Mickol placed third in the oral presentation competition at the 100th meeting of the Arkansas Academy of Science

Re-Shaping the Future of Solar Energy

Picasolar Inc., a solar start-up company founded by microelectronics-photonics alumni Douglas Hutchings and Seth Shumate, has wasted no time blazing a trail in the solar technology industry. The company’s product - a patent-pending hydrogen super emitter - improves solar efficiency and reduces the amount of silver needed to manufacture solar panels, making them more marketable and affordable.

The Fayetteville-based start-up won a bronze 2015 Edison Award for its patent-pending product. The ground-breaking technology earned the company a spot at the first-ever White House Demo Day, which showcased start-up innovations from across the country.

In 2016, the Department of Energy gave Picasolar a $2 million SunShot Incubator Award. The company matched with award with an additional $2 million.

Picasolar’s success has led to the expansion of its headquarters at the Arkansas Research and Technology Park.

Testing Services

We provide high quality testing services for students, graduates, professionals and members of the community. We are driven with the desire to help examinees reach their academic and professional goals in a standardized setting that promotes honesty, integrity and fairness. We subscribe to the National College Testing Association Professional Standards and Guidelines with the objective of administering tests in a pleasant and technologically advanced environment.

A Year in Review

  • The director of Testing Services was awarded the 2015 Service Recognition Award from the National College Testing Association.
  • Testing Services earned national certification from the National College Testing Association.
  • Members of the Testing Services office partnered with colleges and units across campus to assist with proctoring and administering exams.
  • Testing Services administered tests to more than 12,000 students, prospective students and members of the community.