Mission & Goals

Our Vision

The Graduate School and International Education is committed to developing students’ intellectual curiosity and professional success. Our faculty and staff support the University of Arkansas’ research, teaching, service and diversity missions, all while enhancing students’ academic and cultural experiences.

Our Mission

The Graduate School and International Education supports the strategic goals of the University of Arkansas to continue as a Carnegie very high research university; recruits, retains and graduates high-caliber students; advocates for students and student success; facilitates intercultural and international experiences to increase global competencies and cultural understanding; and assists in the development of international, interdisciplinary and graduate programs.

Our Goals

  1. Advance the visibility and promote the reputation of the Graduate School and International Education and the University of Arkansas.
  2. Facilitate the development and management of innovative graduate, international, and graduate interdisciplinary programs.
  3. Improve and strengthen retention and graduation rates by advocating for students in graduate and international educational programs.
  4. Initiate and maintain strong connections with graduate, international, interdisciplinary, and study abroad students and scholars from the time of initial inquiry through program or degree completion.
  5. Provide proactive policy leadership and best practices to University administration about risk assessment and tracking for international mobility.
  6. Serve as the central unit for best practices and compliance on matters related to graduate students and international students and scholars.
  7. Ensure an effective, efficient, and appropriate use of information technology resources and an infrastructure.
  8. Invest in the development and retention of GSIE staff.
  9. Develop and implement a strategic enrollment management plan.
  10. Facilitate the participation of students in international educational experiences to enhance global awareness.
  11. Provide English as a Second Language and culture training for international students and cross-cultural training for campus constituents.
  12. Provide standardized testing services for the U of A and external constituencies.