PAPSS Students at Welcom Event

The Pre-Academic Program for SENACYT Scholars (PAPSS) is a collaborative between the University of Arkansas Graduate School and International Education and the Republic of Panama, National Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation (SENACYT). The PAPSS program is a 5-year program designed to provide a pipeline to college graduation, starting with pre-academic programs in intensive English language and continuing through academic program culminating with college graduation. This program offers year-round support to provide the necessary skills and preparation for scholars to graduate within four years.

PAPSS, scholars obtain: a) full funding for college expenses-tuition and fees paid for calendar year, monthly living allowance to cover housing and food, semester book allowance, computer allowance, and health insurance;  b) 80% non-resident tuition award ; c) ceremonies  for successful completion of each phase; d) in country welcome reception and orientation; e) access to campus libraries, computer labs, medical facilities, and sports facilities; f) supplemental instruction (SI); g) personal and academic counseling as needed; h) academic tutors and mentors; i) one-on-one support from program advisor; j) housing services and airport transfers; k) homestay weekend; l) cultural excursions.