Our Services

The Office of Special Programs works to prepare students for college success. 

  • Coordinates submission and review of admission applications between the admissions office, and sponsors to assure timely consideration and placement in appropriate programs.
  • Facilitates movement from intensive English language to academic program. There is direct matriculation (without TOEFL score) into academic work upon successful completion of the on-site English language program.
  • Provides an academic budget for duration of the program and works with the University Accounting Office to process payments for tuition and fees.
  • Provides academic monitoring and liaison services. If a student encounters academic problems, the Office of Special Programs acts as a liaison between student, advisor and sponsor. Mentoring, Special Instruction and tutoring services are provided.
  • Forwards grades and academic progress reports to sponsoring agencies at the conclusion of each semester. A student release is required for reporting of grades.
  • Arranges sponsors' campus visits. Appointments are arranged with students and their academic advisors; hotel reservations made, meeting rooms set up and consultations with other relevant University offices confirmed. We make available the use of telephones, facsimile, and e-mail facilities while you are on campus.
  • Advises the student on the logistics of degree completion, graduation and repatriation home.