Resources for Current Students

These are several resources the Office of Special Programs can provide to PAPSS students currently enrolled at the University of Arkansas. If you do not see what you are looking for please email

Panamanian students that encounter barriers to their education for financial reasons can apply to The Mario Martinelli Educational Assistance Fund. Applications are open to all students from the Republic of Panama who are pursuing higher education at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville

Additional Campus Resources to help students be as successful as possible

Resources for New Students

Welcome to the University of Arkansas! Now that you have completed your application there will information that can be helpful as you as you prepare to start this new experience.

New PAPSS students can use their meal plan for lunch while studying at SILC. Completer the and turn it in to your dining hall.

Resources for Graduating Students

As your time at the University of Arkansas draws to a close this is the information that can be helpful as you as you prepare for graduation.

To report the completion of their studies from the University of Arkansas, PAPSS students need to submit a collection of documents to the sponsors. To assist you with collecting the required information The Office of Special Programs has put together this guide