Harry and Jo Leggett Chancellor's Fellowship

The Harry and Jo Leggett Chancellor’s Fellowship was established by the Leggetts to support a graduate student at the University of Arkansas who is involved in research of significant interest to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. For more information, please contact the Office of Graduate Fellowships at 479-575-4327 or gradfunding@uark.edu.


  • One fellowship is available each year based on available funding.
  • Leggett fellows receive a $12,000 stipend per year, paid in monthly installments, for a maximum of 4 years for doctoral students or 2 years for master’s students.
  • The Leggett fellowship also pays for graduate tuition for up to 15 hours each fall and spring semester, and up to 9 hours each summer, of degree-related course work for a maximum of 4 years for doctoral students or 2 years for Master’s students.
  • This funding can be combined with additional sources of funding in accordance with university policy.

Terms & Conditions

  • Preference will be given to doctoral students.
  • Eligible candidates must be admitted to the University of Arkansas and be regularly admitted to a graduate degree program by the time the fellowship starts. Candidates must also be approved by the Dean of the Graduate School.
  • Leggett fellows must be pursuing graduate studies in the field of fish, wildlife, conservation, and other related areas of interest to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.
  • Payment is for approved degree-related course work.  Leggett fellows must maintain at least half-time enrollment for each semester the graduate fellowship is to be applied towards tuition payment. Half-time enrollment for graduate students is 6 hours/semester (fall and spring). Enrollment during the summer semester is optional, but if the graduate student does enroll, 3 hours is considered half-time.
  • Miscellaneous fees and insurance premiums are the responsibility of the student and may be payroll-deducted.
  • Leggett fellows will receive the fellowship each year for no more than 2 years for master’s students, or no more than 4 years, for doctoral students. Fellows must maintain good academic standing throughout the graduate degree program and make satisfactory progress towards graduate degree completion.
  • Leggett fellows must notify the Director of Graduate Fellowships, Enrollment, and Graduation Services at the beginning of the semester once enrollment is complete so the tuition charges can be paid.
  • Should a Leggett fellow graduate, change degree programs, or leave the university, the fellowship will terminate.

Application and Deadlines

Applications should be submitted to the Office of Graduate Fellowships, Enrollment, and Graduation Services, GEAR 213 or submit an online application by:

March 1: funding for the summer term

May 1: funding for the fall semester

October 1: funding for the spring semester

A complete application will consist of:

  1. A two-page resume or CV of the candidate.
  2. A two-page resume or CV of the proposed advisor for the candidate.
  3. A letter of support from the proposed advisor for the candidate.
  4. Two other letters of recommendation for the candidate.
  5. A two-page description of the proposed research program for the candidate, including an explanation of the importance of the expected results of the proposed research to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

Applications are reviewed by a fellowship selection committee that includes a Game and Fish Board representative. All candidates will be notified of the award decision by email, usually within 2-3 weeks of submission.

Arkansas natives Harry and Jo Leggett of Little Rock, avid outdoor enthusiasts, created this fellowship for the benefit of the research initiated by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission at the University of Arkansas. Leggett is a 1957 B.S.B.A. graduate of the Sam M. Walton College of Business.