Cell & Molecular Biology

About Cell & Molecular Biology

Students in the Cell and Molecular Biology program examine various aspects of cell function, structure, metabolism and chemical functions on, within and between cells.

Environmental Dynamics

About Environmental Dynamics

Environmental Dynamics (ENDY) is the study of complex interactions between natural systems and human activity. It requires an interdisciplinary research approach and integration with the power, efficiency, and economy of advanced computer-based technologies.

Materials Science & Engineering

About Materials Science & Engineering

Materials Science & Engineering (MSEN) is the study of materials, processes, and devices for applications including: mechanical and structural materials, nanoengineered materials and devices, microelectronic-photonic materials and devices, energy materials and devices, biological materials and devices, and materials modeling. This research space between traditional departmental-based programs is where science and engineering converge.


Public Policy

About Public Policy

The Public Policy program's focus is on training leaders who will directly affect policy issues relevant to the people of Arkansas, the region, and the nation.

Space & Planetary Sciences

About Space & Planetary Sciences

We are student oriented and in partnership with the academic departments. We offer master's and doctoral programs in space and planetary science.

Statistics & Analytics

About Statistics & Analytics

Students in the Statistics and Analytics program will grow their analytical and communication skills in a way that prepares them to enter the varied and lucrative career field of data science.