Financial Aid

Financial aid is awarded through the office of financial aid. Financial assistance is available for qualified graduate students in the form of loans and work-study opportunities.


Loans are money students borrow to pay for educational expenses. Loans are paid back with interest. The graduate PLUS loan allows a graduate student who is enrolled at least half-time to borrow any amount up to the student’s cost of attendance minus all financial aid the student may receive for the enrollment period.

The University of Arkansas also has limited funds to assist students in time of emergency through the emergency loan program. Some common examples of emergencies are eviction notices, medical illness, or death within the family. These funds are limited and may be depleted at times.


Federal work-study is a federal program in which eligible students work at part-time jobs to earn money to help pay for educational expenses. The federal work-study program is a need-based program.

For students who have not been awarded federal work-study and are interested in finding employment, there is also the option to apply for student employment on the University of Arkansas HR website and the Career Development Center website for other opportunities. 

More Information

The financial aid office has created a series of videos available to help you understand more about the financial aid process and the types of financial aid available, as well as information on personal finance.