International Student Information

Below you will find the estimated cost of attending the University of Arkansas for a full time graduate student (9 credit hours per semester).

Estimated Cost of Attendance 2021-2022

Billed Expenses Graduate (MS/PhD)
Tuition & fees* $24,523
Housing & Meals** $10,115
Subtotal $34,638
Other Estimated Expenses Graduate
Insurance*** $2,103
Books & Supplies $900
Personal Expenses**** $2,250
Subtotal $5,253
Total Estimated Expenses $39,891

*Tuition is the amount of money charged by the University of Arkansas for the classroom instruction. Tuition and fee charges vary by college/program. For a complete list of fees or to calculate the tuition for a specific program visit:

**Based on Residence Hall rates for double occupancy when school is in session with a meal plan

***Students may show equivalent medical health insurance coverage. Proof is required upon enrollment.

****Personal Expenses include laundry, snacks, recreation, clothing, etc. They DO NOT include travel or automobile purchase and/or maintenance

Students must submit the Supplemental and Financial Information form and supporting documents, which may include bank statements, affidavit of support, sponsorship award, or a scholarship/assistantship from the University of Arkansas. These documents must verify sufficient funds to cover all first year expenses including tuition, fees, insurance, and cost of living. Immigration documents, such as I-20 and DS-2019, will not be issued without documentation that all funds are available. 

The Treasurer's Office will send an email notification when student invoices are available on the UAConnect Student Homepage. The Treasurer's Office accepts mailed checks, e-checks, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa. Payments of all types are not accepted in person. Students may also enroll in a payment plan to pay tuition and fees, and housing charges for the current term in three or four payments for a $35.00 nonrefundable service fee.

There are a limited number of graduate assistantships for which you may be able to apply. Graduate Assistantships (GA's) are awarded by a department - the student works up to 20 hours per week for the department (in teaching positions, research, or other areas) in exchange for payment of tuition plus a living stipend paid directly to the student. Some assistantships are sufficient to cover all costs of attendance, and some cover only partial costs. 

Each department administers its own assistantships, and they vary widely in availability and amount of funding, depending on each department's budget, teaching/research needs, pool of qualified applicants, etc. 

You must make contact with the department in which you are interested in order to inquire about the possibility of an assistantship.

If interested in an assistantship, please fill out the Application for Graduate Assistantship

For qualifying graduate students from Bolivia and Panama, the University of Arkansas is able to offer a percentage waiver of the out-of-state portion of the student’s tuition. The tuition advantage award may be renewed each year provided that all renewal criteria is met. Please see the links below for details:

The University of Arkansas does not provide loans to international students. However, private lenders that provide education loans may be an option for international students. Students will need to work directly with the private lender. We cannot offer any assistance on student loans.

Private lenders that we recommend:  (Please note, not all international students will be eligible for the loans listed. It is always best to check with options within your home country.)

Leo s. Rowe Pan American Fund

The Paras Education Foundation

Credila Education Loan