You can apply to graduate through your Student Center in ISIS. The link will appear in your Student Center in the Academics section under My Academics. Failure to apply to graduate by the Registrar’s Office deadlines will result in a late fee. More information, a list of deadlines and a list of graduation application fees can be found here.

You will need to contact the Registrar’s Office at 479-575-5451 to change your date of graduation to the semester in which you will finish your degree.

The graduation date is the date in which degrees are awarded. This is also the date that shows on the transcript and the diploma as the date the degree was received. At the University of Arkansas, degrees are awarded three times a year, Spring, Summer and Fall. Please contact the Graduate School to find out the exact graduation dates of any given year.

If all degree requirements are met, the degree will be posted 8-10 weeks after the graduation date.

Diplomas are mailed out by the Registrar’s Office approximately 8-10 weeks after the graduation date. More information can be found here

  • Master's Record of Progress

  • Master's Advisory Committee Report

  • Master's Thesis Title (Only needed if completing a thesis)

  • Master's Thesis Committee Report (Only needed if completing a thesis)

  • These forms can be found here.

  • Doctoral Record of Progress **

  • Doctoral Advisory Committee Report

  • Doctoral Dissertation Title

  • Doctoral Dissertation Committee Report

  • These forms can be found here.

**The Doctoral Record of Progress form will be sent to the major adviser when the Graduate School receives notice of the final defense. Announcement of a doctoral candidate's defense must be submitted to the Graduate School at least TWO WEEKS prior to the date of the defense. Submit announcements by email to