International Education Catastrophic Fund

The International Education Catastrophic Fund was established to provide:

Need-based assistance to undergraduate and graduate international students with an unforeseen financial emergency beyond their control that hinders their ability to continue enrollment at the University of Arkansas.

To Be Eligible for Consideration, Students Must

  1. Be full-time.
  2. Be currently enrolled as a degree-seeking student.
  3. Be in good academic standing.
  4. Be experiencing an unexpected or unanticipated financial emergency that puts their education at risk.
    (Note: these funds cannot pay for tuition fees.)
  5. Note, funding is limited and when funds are exhausted, awards will not be made. Students may not be eligible to receive an additional award if one has already been awarded.

Please Note

This fund cannot be used to pay for tuition fees.

Awarding Procedure

  1. Complete the online application below and upload a copy of a bill for which you are requesting assistance. Note, a typical award will not exceed $500.00.
  2. A committee will review each application and approve or deny the award request. Decisions by the committee are final.
  3. The student will be notified by the committee of the award decision.
  4. If approved, the recipient will be notified of payment instructions.
  5. The student’s personal information and circumstances will remain confidential throughout the process, but we would appreciate a student’s consent to feature him/her in a news article or printed materials highlighting the fund.
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