Honor Code

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Honor Code for the Graduate School

The mission of the Graduate School is to provide post-baccalaureate students with the opportunity to further their educational goals through programs of study, teaching, and research in an environment that promotes freedom of expression, intellectual inquiry, and professional integrity. This mission is only possible when intellectual honesty and individual integrity are taken for granted.

The graduate student at the University of Arkansas is expected to know and abide by Academic Integrity (honesty.uark.edu) and Code of Conduct Policies (ethics.uark.edu) of the university.

The pledge of the Honor Code is this: “On my honor as a graduate student at the University of Arkansas, I certify that I will neither give nor receive inappropriate assistance on the work I do for my degree.” Students will be asked to sign this pledge when they are admitted to the Graduate School. Faculty also may require students to sign this pledge before completing the requirements of a course or a program.