Graduate Student Handbook


As the flagship institution of the University of Arkansas system, the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, has the strongest research mission of any university within the state. Central to our charter is the creation and dissemination of knowledge. Within that mission, graduate student education is central, and the Graduate School therefore serves a pivotal role in the University’s research and education function. In keeping with that mission, the Graduate School is at the center of a network of rights and obligations involving the student, the university, and the faculty, with regard to both teaching and research.

In this handbook, we organize various policies and information affecting graduate students and graduate faculty, from the student’s application to the final conferring of the degree. However, please note that the Graduate Catalog ( is the binding source of all requirements for graduate education on the University of Arkansas Campus and should also be consulted. In the event of a conflict between this handbook and the Graduate Catalog, the Catalog controls.

The Graduate School and International Education is an autonomous organizational unit within the Division of Academic Affairs, whose dean is responsible to the Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.


The Graduate School and International Education is committed to developing students’ intellectual curiosity and professional success. Our faculty and staff support the University of Arkansas’ research, teaching, service, and diversity missions, all while enhancing students’ academic and cultural experiences.


The Graduate School and International Education supports the strategic goals of the University of Arkansas to continue as a very high research university; recruits, retains and graduates high-caliber students; advocates for students and student success; facilitates intercultural and international experiences to increase global competencies; and assists in the development of international, interdisciplinary and graduate programs.

Academic Integrity

As a core part of its mission, the University of Arkansas provides students with the opportunity to further their educational goals through programs of study and research in an environment that promotes freedom of inquiry and academic responsibility. Accomplishing this mission is only possible when intellectual honesty and individual integrity prevail.

Each University of Arkansas student is required to be familiar with and abide by the university’s Academic Integrity Policy at Students with questions about how these policies apply to a particular course or assignment should immediately contact their instructor.