Front Matter

Front matter includes

  • Abstract (required)
    (Double spaced)
  • Acknowledgments (optional)
    (Double spaced)
  • Dedication (optional)
    (Double spaced)
  • Table of Contents (required)
    (Spacing and style as recommended by style guide)
  • List of Tables/Figures/Terms/Abbreviations (optional)
    (Spacing and style as recommended by style guide)

These pages will remain unnumbered

  • Heading placement/style for all front matter should be consistent
    Bold/not bold, left or center aligned. It does not matter what you choose, as long as all headings are the same.
  • All headings must start at the top margin, including the dedication.
  • All text must be double spaced.
  • Table of contents entries that have multiple lines should use the same rule as references – single spaced, with double spacing between entries.
  • Each new section/heading should start on a new page.
  • Use a section break after the last line of the last page of front matter in order to start page numbering on the next section.