Suggested Questions for Your Campus Visit

Suggested Questions for your Faculty Graduate Coordinator

  1. Are there any specific admission requirements for the program (GPA, specific topic or question to be addressed on the personal statement, GRE requirement, etc.)?
  2. Can you provide me more information about graduate assistantship funding within the program, including how many assistantships are typically provided and what the program looks for in a successful GA candidate?
  3. What are the typical responsibilities of a graduate assistant in your department (research, teaching, administrative work, etc.)?
  4. Are most students able to find funding for graduate school?
  5. Are internships or co-ops available in the program?
  6. Are students able to work and take classes while in this program?
  7. Can classes be completed part-time in the program or is this a full-time program?
  8. Are there any faculty members within the program you can advise me to contact for questions about research opportunities and matches (especially for students seeking PhD’s)?

Suggested Questions for the Student Ambassador

  1. What are the teaching styles and research reputation for the professors in your department?
  2. How do students balance their social life and graduate school?
  3. What do graduate students do for fun in Northwest Arkansas?
  4. How many graduate students are typically assigned to an Advisor?
  5. How often do graduate students publish papers as first author?
  6. What piece of advice would you give me as new graduate student?