Graduate School Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award

This award is made each year to master’s students who have completed thesis projects representing original work that makes an unusually significant contribution to the discipline.

In even years, three awards are made in the broad categories of (1) Life Sciences, (2) Social Sciences, Business, and Education, and (3) Non-traditional Thesis/Project Award (projects that do not readily conform to the traditional model, such as those produced in MFA programs or those that deviate from typical disciplinary approaches, including capstone/final research-oriented projects in non-thesis degree programs)

In odd years, two awards are made in the broad categories of (1) Math, Physical Sciences, and Engineering and (2) Humanities and Fine Arts.

Nominations are solicited each Fall by the Associate Dean of the Graduate School. Each masters degree program can nominate one student in the appropriate award cycle. Nominations are of students who completed their degree over the past two academic years.

The awardee is then nominated to compete as the University of Arkansas’ nominee for the Conference of Southern Graduate Schools Master’s Thesis Awards.