Chancellor's Graduate Non-Resident Tuition Scholarship

NOTICE: this scholarship program ends Summer 2023. Students who begin graduate degree programs Fall 2023 or later are NOT eligible. Current recipients, provided they remain eligible, will continue to be funded for up to 12 regular terms.

The University of Arkansas is excited to offer the Chancellor’s Graduate Student Non-Resident Tuition Scholarship for qualifying domestic graduate students. This scholarship will offer new, degree-seeking graduate students entering the University of Arkansas Graduate School an approximately 80% reduction of non-resident graduate career tuition for eligible programs. Please note this pilot program will not be accepting new graduate students who enroll after Summer 2023.

To be eligible, individuals must meet the requirements outlined under 'Eligibility Criteria'. Not all programs qualify, and online programs are excluded.

Estimated Tuition Cost with NonResident Tuition Scholarship (NRTS)

(1 credit hour)

Type of Tuition/Cost Estimated Tuition Estimated Scholarship Estimated Total Cost Average Savings per credit hour
Resident Tuition 437.54 not applicable 437.54 not applicable
NonResident Tuition 752.48 621.22 131.26 83%
Total Cost 1,190.02 621.22 568.80 not applicable
*Based on FY23 graduate career tuition
*NonResident Scholarship (NRTS) applies to graduate career tuition only
*Program specific or Other tuition rates are excluded
*Mandatory & College fees are not included and vary by program/college

Eligibility Criteria

Candidate Criteria

  • Enrollees must meet the Graduate School admission requirements and be admitted by the Graduate School and to the degree program as a degree-seeking student.
  • Must be a US citizen or permanent resident
  • Must be a Non-Resident for tuition billing purposes
  • Must be enrolled before Fall 2023
  • Must provide evidence from a regionally accredited institution of one of the following minimum academic performance requirements
    • 3.2 GPA on the last 60 hours of the baccalaureate degree
    • 3.2 cumulative baccalaureate GPA
  • Preference for new degree-seeking graduate students only
      New degree-seeking graduate students are defined as those who have not been enrolled previously at the University of Arkansas as degree-seeking graduate students. Those who have been enrolled previously as undergraduates or non-degree graduate students (including those in Graduate Certificate and MicroCertificate programs) are eligible. Those students enrolled previously in a graduate program and starting a new graduate program may apply and will be considered if funds are available.

Course/Program Criteria

  • Only graduate degree programs at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. Some program exclusions apply including occupational therapy, nursing, public health, operations management, law,  LL.M. in agricultural and food law, all online programs, and specific distance education programs (Master of Science in Engineering, Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, Master of Science in Engineering Management, Master of Science in Operations Management, Great Plains and Agricultural Interactive Distance Education Alliance, and Master of Science in Food Safety).
  • Complete application process for individual program acceptance per university policy; applicant must meet all program eligibility requirements to be admitted to a specific program
  • Face-to-face programs
    • including online, web-based or distance education courses
    • excluding online degree programs
  • Only for-credit classes within the scholarship recipient's enrolled degree program
  • Certificate programs are excluded
  • Audited classes on a space-available basis only
  • Specified off-campus classes only if there is sufficient enrollment by full-fee paying students to meet the minimum enrollment (as established by the offering unit) to recover the costs of offering the class

Student Financial Support

  • The financial impact of this scholarship is equivalent to reducing non-resident graduate career tuition by approximately 80% for eligible programs
    • The scholarship does not apply to any Program-specific rates or other tuition rates as defined by University tuition policy, which include but are not limited to differential tuition rate, consortiums rates, developmental instruction rates or self-paced online correspondence rates
  • All applicable fees will be charged at the published rate per student enrollment
  • Cannot be combined with any other tuition waiver
  • Cannot be combined with other non-resident tuition awards or scholarships
  • Any student granted resident status is no longer eligible for the scholarship


  • Follows the normal schedule for graduate student orientation and standard registration schedules


  • Renewable for up to 12 regular terms
  • Continuous enrollment not required to be eligible for renewal
  • Student must be in good academic standing with the Graduate School