Resource Guide for Teaching Assistants

Updated Fall 2020

Helpful Offices




Website: Appointment: or schedule a session

Office of Graduate Student Support 479-387-3841 or
GPSC- Academic and Teaching Committee

Virtual Meeting Resources




One of the two recommended web conferencing tools for teaching in the Fall, the Zoom license should be implemented soon. Look for training sessions starting August 17th on how to connect this to your course.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

One of the two recommended web conferencing tools for teaching in the Fall, Blackboard Collaborate Ultra allows instructors to schedule online classes or office hours and communicate with students. Since students should have access to Blackboard this may be the easier way to communicate. (We recommend using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the best user experience.)

Microsoft Teams

Download Microsoft Teams and create a profile using your uark email login. Once profile is created, you can share a link for students to meet you in class sessions, up to 250 participants.

Microsoft Outlook

Student, faculty, and staff can use Outlook to create meetings with Skype or Microsoft Teams links

Teaching Tools Details



Blackboard: How to Create Test, Quiz, or Survey

Blackboard allows users to create tests and quizzes that are auto graded. This is a great time saver when you want students to review materials.

Using Kaltura

Kaltura is useful for recording video of your screen, webcam, and voice and is integrated with Blackboard to allow students to view videos easily.

Audio and Video Feedback

You can easily create audio and video feedback in Blackboard saving you time and giving students a better understanding of feedback based on tone and visual cues.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is a website that has thousands of online video tutorials that can be used for a wide variety of subjects. You can link to these courses from Blackboard and share them with your class. This allows you to provide opportunities for increasing student skills outside of class with LinkedIn Learning courses.

Teaching Preparation




Appointment: or schedule a session

Controlling Nervousness

The website provides numerous techniques from Dr. Lynn Meade to combat nervousness. Applicable to virtual meetings as well as in-person class experiences!

Teaching Faculty Support Center

The Wally Cordes Teaching and Faculty Support Center has some useful resources for teaching pedagogy like:

  1. Getting started with objectives in my course?
  2. How do I plan for each class?
  3. What is Bloom Taxonomy?
  4. How to align objectives with assessment and teaching content?

Teaching Policies



Academic Integrity Policy

This webpage covers the details on various definitions, procedures, and sanction rubrics on how to cope with dishonesty for students in courses.

FERPA Policy

FERPA for Faculty and Instructors

Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act: What it covers within transcripts, applications, personal files and information, financial information, etc.

Department of Education FERPA 101

An introduction of the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act and its requirements relating to privacy and security of personal identifiable information in student records.

Educational Access Policies

Find policy, procedures, and tips to support the different needs of students in the class.

Title IX Policy

Find info on the Title IX (Title 9) for how to report a specific incident to UAPD. In addition, you have access to the Office of Equal Opportunity and Compliance.

Counseling and Psychological Services

These services are provided by Pat Walker Health Center on campus. Find out about the mental health services and appointments available, such as counseling therapy, psychotherapy, group therapy workshops, psychiatry, emergency services, psychological assessments, consultation services, outreach prevention, research, and training.

24/7 Hotline CAPS

This hotline is available all day, every day to all students, faculty, and staff for urgent mental health issues, including suicidal or homicidal thoughts, severe panic attacks, self-harm or strong urge to engage in self-harm, psychosis, recent traumatic event, among others.

Emergency Health Crisis call: (479) 575-5276

Report A Student Concern



U of A Cares

U of A Cares provides supportive and encouraging resources for students to overcome barriers on their path to success. Professional staff will be able to assemble on the needs for students including:

  1. (Non-emergency concerns)- death of a family member, personal illness/injury, mental health concern.
  2. (Report a campus policy violation)-drug/alcohol abuse, physical altercation, conduct that alters others.
  3. (And other resources to learn and assist students at best)- Policies, guidelines and frequently asked questions. Additional resources attached are those of Title IX, Student Conduct Code, Academic Integrity, Behavioral Intervention and Threat Assessment, and Student Catalog.

Sexual Assault or Domestic/Dating Violence

Submit a Title IX Report

If you have experienced sexual assault, rape or relationship violence (e.g., domestic, dating or intimate partner violence), resources are available to help you learn about your options for care, support and reporting regardless of when it happened.

Sexual Assault, Gender Discrimination or Stalking

Submit a Title IX Report

The university should be a place that is free of all forms of sexual intimidation, discrimination, and harassment. If you have been the victim of any kind gender-biased discrimination or harassment, learn about your rights and reporting options.

Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment

The university prohibits discrimination against and harassment of its students, faculty, and staff. This also applies to any applicant for employment. If you have experienced discrimination or discrimination harassment know your reporting options.

Non-Emergency Safety Concerns and Threatening Behavior

Are you worried about a behavior of a member of the campus community? Are you worried about the safety or well-being of others? For emergencies, call (479) 575-2222 or 911.

Non-Emergency Student Concern

Are you concerned about a friend, classmate or roommate? Have you or someone you know experienced a personal crisis loss, and need help? The U of A Cares.

Code of Student Life Violations

Have you notice someone committing plagiarism, vandalizing property, hazing another student, or otherwise violating the university’s code of student conduct?

Other Reporting Information

Regarding information such as responsible employees reporting concerns of sexual misconduct and discrimination to appropriate university personnel, Title VI: Razorback Transit if discrimination of race, color, national origin, requesting accommodation for Americans with Disability Act (CEA), Faculty, Staff, or Student grievance procedures, prevent fraud on campus by calling his confidential fraud hotline at 1-866-252- 9838, reporting accidents and unsafe conditions to facilities management.

Syllabus Information



Creating a Syllabus

General tips for creating a syllabus such as elements for a syllabus, university policies, online course syllabus, and additional resources.

Setting Expectations in Syllabus

Tips on how to set expectations

Example of Syllabus in Microsoft Sway

Microsoft Sway allows you to create an interactive syllabus.

Reading Schedule on Microsoft Sway

Microsoft Sway allows you to create an interactive reading schedule.

Personal Safety



To report an emergency or a crime in progress anywhere:


For other policeassistance on campus, UAPD:


For escorts on campus, Razorback Patrol Escort Service:


For the Safe Ride Van:


UAPD Crime Prevention Services:


UAPD Criminal Investigations:


For other police assistance off campus, Fayetteville PD


U of A Student Affairs - Dean of Students


U of A Human Resources


U of A Environmental Health and Safety


Pat Walker Health Center


U of A Health Center Women’s Health Clinic


U of A Health Promotion and Education


U of A Substance Abuse Prevention


National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information:


U of A STAR Central - Office on Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence:


U of A Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS):


U of A Psychological Clinic:


Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network (RAINN):


Peace at Home Family Shelter

(formerly known as Project for Victims of Family Violence)


National Domestic Violence Hotline TTY line for hearing impaired

800-799-7233 800-787-3224

Child Abuse Hotline


Commission on Child Abuse, Rape, and Domestic Violence


Arkansas Poison Control and Information Center