March Minutes

March 19th, 2015


Voting: Professors N.D. Dennis, A.J. Dowdle, V.H. Hunt, K.L. Needy, J.T. Scott, P.R. Selvam, F. Spiegel, R. Warren, J.D. Wiersma; Mr. T. Talafuse

Non-Voting: Professors J. Ganson, P.R. Koski, Y. Murphy-Erby, A. O’Leary Kelly


Voting: Professor V. Anand, K. Collins, T.P. Cronan, K.S. Grover

Non-Voting: Professor M.T. Miller, L.J. Robertson; Ms. M. Harwood-Rom

SECRETARY: Ms. T. M. Fisher

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m. by Chair Patricia Koski
  1. Minutes for the February 19th, 2015, Graduate Council meeting stand approved, as no changes were suggested. (Please review the Graduate Council Minutes).
  2. Professor P. Koski reported that:
    • The Academic Appeals Committee did not meet in March.
    • The Teaching Assistant Effectiveness Advisory Committee has invited outstanding teaching assistant supervisors, as nominated by their departments, to a luncheon in their honor.

    Professor Warren announced that the next meeting of the Library Committee will be in April.

  3. The Council voted to appoint Professor R. Warren to the Calendar Committee (removing him from the Library Committee) and to appoint Professor Spiegel to the Library Committee.
  4. There was no old business.
  5. Professor P. Koski presented a proposal to modify the Ph.D. degree in Environmental Dynamics (ENDYPH) by requiring four courses (rather than three) and to require three semesters of ENDY 6991 (Attachment A). Following discussion, the proposal was tabled until the chairs of the participating departments can be polled about these changes.
  6. Professor N. Dennis proposed to modify the course review process, Academic Policy Series 1622.11, in the ways describes in Attachment B. The proposal was tabled to allow Council members to poll their constituencies.
  7. Professor F. Spiegel presented a proposal to eliminate dual credit 4000-level classes (Attachment C). Following discussion, it was agreed that Council members will poll their constituencies.
  8. The course change reports listed in Attachment D was approved unanimously.
  9. The graduate faculty recommendations contained in Attachment E were approved.

There being no other business, the Council adjourned at 2:48 p.m. The Council will meet next on Thursday, April 16th at 2:00 in Upchurch Conference Room of Bell Engineering.