Graduate Council Agenda

Thursday, January 19, 2017

2:00 p.m.

Upchurch Conference Room, Bell Engineering

  1. Minutes for the December 17th, 2015, Graduate Council meeting will stand approved if no corrections are received. (Please review the Graduate Council Minutes).
  2. Announcements
  3. Old Business: None
  4. New Business, Program Changes, College of Education and Health Professions, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Proposal to modify the admission requirements for the Ed.S. degree in Educational Leadership (EDLEES) by accepting the School Leadership Licensure Assessment (SLLA) as a standardized exam in addition to the GRE. Details may be found in Attachment A or the Program and Unit Changes section of the Registrars site.
  5. New Business, Policy Change, Proposal to modify the academic grievance policy and procedures for graduate students as shown in Attachment B.
  6. New Business, Policy Change: Proposal to impose a University rule that disallows dual credit 4000-level classes. 4000/5000 level pairs would be used instead. Benefits: makes it easier to comply with ADHE rules about credits for graduate degrees; improves degree audits; removes requirement for graduate faculty status and attendant issue of TA’s access to Blackboard; reduces registration issues and issues related to retroactive graduate credit.
  7. Course change reports from the University Course and Programs Committee (UCPC) (Attachment C).
  8. Graduate faculty recommendations for faculty: A preliminary list is attached (Attachment D). A complete list will be distributed at the meeting.
  9. Other Business