April Agenda

Thursday, April 19, 2018

2:00 p.m.

Upchurch Conference Room, Bell Engineering

  1. Minutes for the March 15, 2018, Graduate Council meeting will stand approved if no corrections are received. Graduate Council Minutes.
  2. Announcement
  3. Old Business: None
  4. New Business, Program Change Proposal, College of Education and Health Professions, Department of Health, Human Performance and Recreation, proposal to modify the Adapted Movement Science concentration in the Master of Science degree in Kinesiology (KINSMS-ADMS), by changing the statistics requirement to be ESRM 5393 or ESRM 6403 and changing the electives to 9-12 credits.
  5. New Business, Program Change Proposal, College of Education and Health Professions, Eleanor Mann School of Nursing, proposal to delete the Nursing Adult-Geriatric Clinical Nurse Specialist concentration in the Doctor of Nursing Practice degree (NURSDP-CNST).
    All program proposals may be viewed on the Program and Unit Changes  page by clicking on program management. The proposals are also in Attachment A.
  6. Continuing Discussion: US taxation policy requires that tuition waivers over $5250/year are taxable, for students who are not performing research or teaching duties for the GA. In order to be in compliance, we need a definition of research and teaching. These are offered for discussion:
    • Teaching: For University tax purposes, teaching activities may include, but are not limited to the following: providing or coordinating classroom and/or creative instruction, including lab or discussion sessions; tutoring students; providing academic coaching or counseling; grading tests and assignments; developing instructional materials; accompanying /coaching musical or vocal performances; proctoring exams.
    • Research: For University tax purposes, research activities may include but are not limited to the following examples of applying and mastering research concepts, practices, or methods of scholarship: preparing literature reviews or monographs, conducting experiments; preparing, coding, analyzing or administering surveys or other research instruments; organizing or analyzing data; presenting findings; collaborating with others in preparing publications; conducting institutional research for an academic or administrative unit.
  7. Discussion: Feed-back on April 15th Resolution. Before the meeting, please review this resolution at https://cgsnet.org/ckfinder/userfiles/files/CGSResolution_RevisedApril2018.pdf Reminder: Council of Graduate School’s April 15th Resolution: April 15 Resolution .
  8. Course change reports from the University Course and Programs Committee (UCPC) (Attachment B)
  9. Graduate faculty recommendations for faculty: A preliminary list is attached (Attachment C). A complete list will be distributed at the meeting.
  10. Other business.