January 2024 Minutes

Thursday, January 18th, 2024

The Council met via TEAMS and in MAIN 523.

Members Present


Faculty representatives: Professors A. Alrubaye*, K. Balachandran, P. Cronan, S. Kucharczyk, J. Lewis, M. Miller, E. Pohl, A. Stoverink, I. Tzanetakis*, J. Veilleux *, J. Webb, and J. Whayne*

Student representatives: C. Gilmore* and K. Olatunde*


Faculty representatives: Professors E. Bengtson (Chair), P. Calleja, A. Ellstrand, M. Ganio*, D. McNabb, L. Robertson*

Global Campus representative: S. Kenner*

Members Absent


Faculty representatives:K. Hall and J. Rupe

Student representatives:  H. Awah, and M. Rodriguez


Faculty representatives:  Professors A. Gonzalez, E. Goodstein-Murphree, T. Murphy, and L. Yingling

Provost’s Office representative: L. Kulczak


Ms. Phyllis Howell


Amanda S. Corbell*

*Attended via Teams

  1. Minutes from the December 14, 2023 meeting stand approved since no corrections were received.
  2. Announcements – Welcome back to campus. No announcements.
  3. Dean’s Report – No report.
  4. New Business: Annual Course Review and Inactivations (Attachment A). (Approved)
  5. Proposed course changes/additions/deactivations (Attachment B) (Approved)
  6. Graduate faculty recommendations for faculty and graduate assistants (Attachment C) (Approved)
  7. Graduate faculty recommendations for faculty and graduate assistants (Attachment Other Business)
    1. These items are for notification only.
      1. Licensure Revision to Allow Master’s Class Options (PHEDBS) – Revising a Certificate/Degree Licensure without Academic Program Changes (5_licensure_revision_coversheet_and_section_c_phedbs_10272023. ).
      2. NAS Millington, TN Site - Deletion of an Organizational Unit (previously used for the in-person Master of Science in Operations Management program) (5a_nas_millington_tn_site_deletion_of_instructional_center_ltr_of_notification_rev_bot_12152023).
        • It was noted that the education office was closed at this location.
    2. The topic of time limits for PhD programs was discussed. While the policy is currently under review, the Graduate Dean’s office seeks further input from programs that may be affected. As part of this process, the Council has been asked to compile relevant questions to present to faculty and other stakeholders involved in shaping this policy. Submit questions to the committee chair.
    3. The release of official Spring 2024 enrollment data was delayed due to weather conditions. As a result, the new drop/add date is now January 24.
    4. The Admissions office is streamlining processes to enhance efficiency for students, faculty, and staff.