April Minutes

April 13th, 2023

The Council met in a hybrid format via TEAMS and in MAIN 523.

Members Present


Faculty representatives: Professors P. Cronan, K. Hall, L. Hinrichsen, M. Miller, C. Rom, J. Rupe, A. Stoverink, I. Tzanetakis, and J. Webb

Student representative: D. McGee


Faculty Representatives: Professors A. Ellstrand, M. Ganio, A. Gonzalez, C. Hestekin,L. Robertson, S. Schulte and L. Yingling
Provost’s Office representative: A. Griffin

Members Absent


Faculty representatives: A. Alrubaye, J. Endacott, J. Lewis, T. Murphy and J. Whayne

Student representatives: J. Cash, A. Hatch and K. Olatunde


Faculty representatives: Professor E. Goodstein-Murphree Global Campus representative: S. Kenner


Ms. Phyllis Howell


R. Cochran

The meeting was called to order at 2:05 p.m. by Chair Christa Hestekin.

  1. Minutes for the March 16, 2023 Graduate Council meeting will stand as no changes were suggested. (Please review Graduate Council Minutes)
  2. Announcements:
    Professor C. Hestekin began by welcoming the Council. Professor Hestekin reminded the Council of the upcoming commencement date and important items related to graduating students.
    1. The Commencement Ceremony is May 13.
      1. Remind students to do pre-checks.
      2. Need to perform degree audits and certificate checks.
  3. Dean’s Report:
    Dean Rom welcomed the Council and submitted his report:
    1. Year-to-date numbers are up in graduate applications, international applications, and admittances. Additionally, international travel requests and study abroad applications are up.
    2. The Admissions Team Director position has been re-opened.
    3. GSTEP, a new multi-day workshop for graduate assistants, will be offered.
    4. The call for papers for the annual dissertation competition will be announced next week.
    5. Nominations for the American Academy of Rome Fellowship are due April 26. Two faculty names may be submitted for review.
    6. The Geren-Kosk awards are Dr. Kristofor Brye, Outstanding Faculty; Mike Waldie, Outstanding Staff; and Michael C. Freeman, Outstanding GSIE Staff. The celebration is April 19.
  4. The following, items 4 thru 6, were approved and will go to the Faculty Senate (the name of the presenter is in parentheses). Approved changes to programs may be viewed on the Registrar's site or in Attachment A.

  5. New Business, Program Changes, College of Education and Health Professionals (Matt Ganio)
    1. Proposal to modify the K-12 Online Teaching Graduate Certificate (ETECGC) by removing one course (CIED 5363) whose content overlapped with other courses and which decreases the total hours to 12.
  6. New Business, Program Changes, Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences (Stephanie Schulte)
    1. Proposal to modify the Geospatial Technologies Graduate Certificate (GISTGC) by changing the CIP code from 45.0702 Geographic Information Science and Cartography to 45.0701 Geography
    2. Proposal to create a Doctor of Musical Arts in Music (MUSCDMA)
  7. New Business, Program Changes, Graduate School and International Education (Christa Hestekin)
    1. Proposal to create a Sustainability Graduate Microcertificate (SUSTGM)
  8. The proposed course additions and changes (Attachment B) were approved unanimously.
  9. Graduate Credit for Prior Learning (Attachment C) was approved unanimously.
  10. The Council discussed and unanimously approved the Graduate Faculty recommendations for faculty (Attachment D).

There being no other business, the Council adjourned at 2:40 p.m. The Council will next meet in August 2023 (TBD).