March Minutes

March 16th, 2023

The Council met in a hybrid format via TEAMS and in BELL 3162.

Members Present


Faculty representatives: P. Cronan, K. Hall, J. Lewis, M. Miller, T. Murphy, C. Rom, J. Rupe, I. Tzanetakis and J. Webb

Student representatives: A. Hatch


Faculty Representatives: M. Ganio, E. Goodstein-Murphee, C. Hestekin, S. Kenner, S. Ricker Schulte, L. Robertson and L. Yingling
Provost’s Office representative: A. Griffin

Members Absent


Faculty representatives: A. Alrubaye, J. Endacott, L. Hinrichsen, J. Whayne, A. Stoverink

Student representatives: J. Cash, D. McGee and K. Olatunde


A. Ellstrand, A. Gonzalez


Cassie Franklin


K. Balachandran, C. Bentley, R. Glade, R. Ham, K. McCown and P. Ungar

The meeting was called to order at 2:16 p.m. by Chair Christa Hestekin.

  1. Minutes for the February 16, 2023 Graduate Council meeting will stand as no changes were suggested. (Please review Graduate Council Minutes)
  2. Announcements
    The Assistant to the Associate Dean’s, Phyllis Howell, will begin work on March 20, 2023. Phyllis will be the secretary for the Graduate Council.
    Interviews for the Director of Admissions are about to begin.
  3. Dean’s Report
    At recent conferences, staff replacement was a big issue of discussion.
    Nominations for the Koski/Geren awards are open. Instead of a picnic, this year we will host a reception will be held on April 19th in GEAR 206 from 4:30pm to 5:30pm.
    GSIE is working on a strategic plan to align our unit with the university’s goals and to better serve the campus.
    The GRAD Dean’s search closed last Friday. Interviews will be held in April.
  4. The following, items 4 thru 6, were approved and will go to the Faculty Senate (the name of the presenter is in parentheses). Approved changes to programs may be viewed on the Registrar's site or in Attachment A.

  5. New Business, Program Changes, College of Engineering (Rich Ham)
    1. Proposal to modify Master of Science in Operations Management in Operations Management (OPMGMS) by clarifying language, aligning graduation GPA requirement and English Language Policy with Graduate School Policy, removing GRE requirement, specifying that applicants with GPAs between 2.5 to 2.99 can be considered for admissions, and removing requirement to complete core courses within first 18 hours
  6. New Business, Program Changes, College of Education and Health Professionals (Rachel Glade)
    1. Proposal to modify the Master of Science in Communication Sciences and Disorders (CDISMS) by increasing the number of hours to add courses needed for clinical placement, adding recommended content and clarifying appeals to dismissal policy
  7. New Business, Program Changes, Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences (Christa Bentley)
    1. Proposal to modify the Master of Music in Music (MUSCMM) by clearly laying out concentrations, adding program objectives and learning outcomes, and updating course requirements
    2. Proposal to modify the Master of Music Musicology Concentration (MUSCMM-MOGY) by changing name from Music History and clarifying course requirements
    3. Proposal to delete Graduate Certificate in Cross Sector Alliances: Public, Private, and Nonprofit Collaboration (CSALGC) due to non-viable enrollment
  8. New Business, Program Changes, Graduate School and International Education (Ken McCown)
    1. Proposal to create Master of Science in Environmental Resiliency (ENREMS)
    2. Proposal to create Graduate Certificate and microcertificate in Environmental Resiliency Accounting and Metrics (ENRCGC / ENRCGM)
    3. Proposal to create Graduate Certificate and microcertificate in Environmental Resiliency Leadership (ENRLGC / ENRLGM)
    4. Proposal to create Graduate Certificate in Environmental Resiliency Sustainability (ENRSGC)
      It was recommended that the proposal go forward contingent upon conversations with the ARSC, AFLS and ENGR associate deans to discuss possible collaborations. The vote was 10 in favor and 1 opposed.
  9. Proposed course additions and changes (Attachment B)
    Proposed course changes were approved unanimously.
  10. New Business: Graduate Credit for Prior Learning (Attachment C)
    It was determined that this proposal must go to the Program Management Committee and catalog committee before coming to the Graduate Council for review. This item has been tabled for a future date.
  11. Graduate Faculty Recommendations for faculty: A preliminary list of faculty is attached (Attachment D).
    The Council discussed and unanimously approved the Graduate Faculty recommendations for faculty.

There being no other business, the Council adjourned at 3:06 p.m. The Council will next meeting in person at the Upchurch Conference Room, BELL 3162 and on Teams on April 27, 2023.