March Minutes

March 15, 2018


Voting: Professors J.R. Chimka, T.P. Cronan, N.D. Dennis, J. Gigantino, R. Kali, K. Korth, J.W. Murry, K.L. Needy; Mr. M. Christie; Ms. M. Johnson

Non-Voting: Professors A.E. Ellstrand, P.R. Koski; Dr. L.L. Lander


Voting: Professors R. Costrell, P,K. Dowe, V.H. Hunt, A. Zajicek

Non-Voting: Professors J. Hulen, L.L. Lennertz, K. Mamiseishvili, L. Robertson, J.C. Rupe

SECRETARY: Ms. T. M. Fisher

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m. by Chair Patricia Koski

  1. Professor Koski amended the agenda to add a new item which is 6b, below.
  2. Minutes for the February 15, 2018, Graduate Council meeting stand approved, as no changes were suggested. (Graduate Council Minutes).
  3. Professor Koski announced that the Center for Innovation in Healthcare Logistics, in the College of Engineering, will be closed.
  4. Professor Koski announced that the annual meeting of the Conference of Southern Graduate Schools, held in Fayetteville, was a success, and commended Dean Needy for her organization of the local arrangements. Professor Koski and Dean Needy also thanked the faculty and students who attended the conference.
  5. Dean Needy updated the Council on the search for the Vice Provost for Research and Innovation. The position announcement has been posted in the Chronicle of Higher Education with a target date of May. Questions or comments may be directed to the Co-chairs of the search committee: Kim Needy and Trish Starks.
  6. Dean Needy reminded the Council of the Council of Graduate School’s April 15 Resolution , to which we are a signatory. We cannot require students to accept a graduate assistantship offer before April 15th.
  7. Old Business: None
  8. New Business:
    1. Professor R. Kali presented a proposal to modify the full-time Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree by changing total hours from 48 to 53 and making curricular changes.
    2. Professor John Murry presented a proposal to modify the M.Ed. degree in Higher Education (HIEDME) by eliminating the GRE as an admission requirement; removing the thesis option; and changing six credits of general graduate-level electives to HIED electives, for a total of nine HIED electives.
    3. Professor Rich Ham presented a proposal to eliminate the GRE as a requirement for admission to the Master of Science in Engineering Management (EMGTMS) degree.
    4. Professor Rich Ham presented a proposal to create a new graduate certificate in Homeland Security (OMHSGC).
    Following discussion, all program proposals were approved unanimously and will go next to the Faculty Senate. All program proposals may be found via The Registrar's Office Program and Unit Changes page by clicking on "Program Management." The proposals are also in Attachment A.
  9. Laura Moix, from the Graduate School and International Education, presented an over-view of a new bridge program which will be offered this summer for students traditionally under-represented in graduate education. The program will be referred to as “RISE” or Razorgrad Institute for Success and Engagement. RISE Bridge Program
  10. Professor Koski presented a new issue for Graduate Council consideration. U.S. tax policy requires that tuition waivers over $5,250/year are taxable, for students who are not performing research or teaching duties for the assistantship. In order to be in compliance, we need a definition of research and teaching. The Council will consider the following definitions:
    • Teaching: For University tax purposes, teaching activities may include, but are not limited to the following: providing or coordinating classroom and/or creative instruction, including lab or discussion sessions; tutoring students; grading tests and assignments; developing instructional materials; accompanying /coaching musical or vocal performances; proctoring exams.
    • Research: For University tax purposes, research activities may include but are not limited to the following examples of applying and mastering research concepts, practices, or methods of scholarship: conducting experiments; preparing, coding, analyzing or administering surveys or other research instruments; organizing or analyzing data; presenting findings; collaborating with others in preparing publications; conducting institutional research for an academic or administrative unit.
  11. The course change report from the University Course and Programs Committee was unanimously approved (Attachment B).
  12. The graduate faculty recommendations contained in Attachment C were unanimously approved.
  13. Other Business: Professor Koski told the Council that we are close to a Memorandum of Understanding for sharing selected on-line courses between the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, in a way that will be seamless for students. Some appropriate entity will be tasked with approving courses to be offered in this way and it has been suggested that the Graduate Council be that entity. Professor Koski asked the Council to provide her with feedback about this.
    There being no other business, the Council adjourned at 3:04 p.m. The Council will meet next on Thursday, April 19th at 2:00 p.m., in the Upchurch Conference Room of Bell Engineering.

Submitted by: Patricia R. Koski, Chair

Approved by: Kim Needy, Dean