November Minutes

November 15, 2018

Members Present


Professors R. Costrell, T.P. Cronan, N.D. Dennis, A.G.P. Dowling, J. Gigantino, C. Hestekin, R. Kali, J.B. Kerr, J.W. Murry, K.L. Needy, J.C. Rupe, A. Zajicek


Professors A.E. Ellstrand, P.R. Koski, K. Mamiseishvili; Dr. L.L. Lander

Members Absent


Professor V. H. Hunt; two representatives from the Graduate and Professional Student Congress


Professors L.L. Lennertz, L.J. Robertson


Professors S.M. Bell, M.R. Butler, S.J. Collie, M. Johnson, J.W. Knighten, D. Mears, S.L. Muir, J. Penner-Williams, J.B. Shaw, H.D. Young


Terri M. Fisher

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m. by Chair Patricia Koski.

  1. Minutes for the October 18th, 2018, Graduate Council meeting stand approved, as no changes were suggested.( Graduate Council Minutes.)
  2. Professor Koski modified the agenda to add a new item under New Business, minimum graded hours for the doctoral degree.
  3. Professor K. Needy announced that Professor Anna Zajicek was selected to receive the GSIE Outstanding Mentor Award for 2019 and will be nominated for the award from the Conference of Southern Graduate Schools in 2020.
  4. Professor K. Needy also announced that she presented our preliminary findings on the Ph.D. Career Pathways research effort to the Faculty Senate the day before.
  5. There was no old business.
  6. New Business:
    1. Item added to the agenda: Professor Koski reminded the Council that the Arkansas Department of Higher Education specifies a minimum number of hours required for degrees, but not a minimum number of graded hours. The Graduate Council requires a minimum of 24 graded hours for the master’s degree, but has never had a rule for the doctoral degree. Professor Koski asked the Council if this continues to be their desire. They agreed that it is.
    2. Items tabled because no one was at the meeting to present them:
      • Proposal to modify the Master of Science degree in Agricultural Education (AEEDMS) by making several curricular changes to more clearly differentiate the thesis and non-thesis tracks.
      • Proposal to modify the Master of Science degree (CSESMS) by deleting the non-thesis option.
    3. Item tabled because of questions about the proposal: Proposal to modify the Master of Public Administration degree (PADMMP) by reducing the total hours required from 42 to 39 for those who are admitted as pre-career students and to 36 hours for those who are admitted as in-career students. There are also curricular changes being proposed.
    4. Items approved unanimously which will go to the Faculty Senate in December; the name of the presenter is in parentheses next to each item; proposals to:
      • Delete the Ph.D. degree in Entomology (ENTOPH) (A.G.P. Dowling; J. Rupe)
      • Change the name of the Ph.D. degree in Plant Science to Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences (AFLSPH) with concentrations in Agricultural Education, Communications and Technology; Entomology; Horticulture; and Plant Pathology; and to reconfigure the degree (J. Rupe)
      • Make concomitant curricular changes for the Horticulture (AFLSPH-HORT) and Plant Pathology (AFLSPH-PLPA) concentrations (J. Rupe)
      • Modify the Master of Science degree in Geology (GEOLMS) by making several curricular changes (J. Shaw)
      • Modify the Master of Arts degree in History (HISTMA) by updating GRE admission requirements to meet best practices (J. Gigantino)
      • Modify the Master of Arts degree in Political Science (PLSCMA) by removing the required core option PLSC 5703 (J.B. Kerr)
      • Modify the Master of Social Work degree (SCWKMS) by separating the admissions requirements for the advanced standing and two/three year programs; removing the thesis lab from the list of courses (S.J. Collie)
      • Modify the Master of Arts degree in Secondary Mathematics (SMTHMA) by making curricular changes (M. Johnson)
      • Modify the Master of Arts degree in Spanish (SPANMA) by changing the name of the pedagogy concentration to language learning and teaching and making curricular changes (S.M. Bell).
      • Modify the post-master’s certificate in Arkansas Curriculum/Program Administrator (ACPAMC) by moving it from an on-campus program to an online program and making three course changes (K. Mamiseishvili)
      • Modify the Master of Arts in Teaching degree in Elementary Education (ELEDMA) by making several curricular changes (H. Young)
      • Modify the M.Ed. degree in Educational Technology (ETECME) by adding and removing potential electives (D. Mears)
      • Modify the graduate certificate in STEM Education for Early Childhood K-4 by changing the title to STEM Education for K-6 (STEMGC) (H. Young)
      • Modify the M.Ed. degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESLME) by removing the action research project and adding a comprehensive exam; changing some curriculum requirements; and clarifying requirements for the thesis option. Also clarifies that the GRE is an option for admission but the student can also submit other standardized tests (J. Penner-Williams)
      • Modify the Doctor of Occupational Therapy degree (OTDEDP) by revising the entire curriculum (S.L. Muir)
      • Change the name of the Master of Science degree in Communication Disorders (CDISMS) to Communication Sciences and Disorders (K. Mamiseishvili)
      • Modify the Master of Science in Nursing degree (NURSMS) by adding progression and grade requirements (M.R. Butler)
      • Delete the graduate certificate in Business (BUSNGC) (A.E. Ellstrand)
      • Modify the Master of Information Systems degree (INSYMI) by changing the name of the Enterprise Systems concentration to Blockchain Enterprise Systems and making some curricular changes (T.P. Cronan)
      • Modify the graduate certificate in Entrepreneurship (ENTRGC) by changing requirements and clarifying differences in requirements for business and non-business students (A.E. Ellstrand)
    5. New program proposals to:
      • Create a graduate certificate in Music Education for Special Needs Students (MESNGC) (J.W. Knighten)
      • Create a Master of Education degree in Community College Leadership (CCLEME) (J.W. Murry)

      Program change proposals and new program proposals may be viewed at Office of the Registrar Program and Unit Changes or in Attachment A.
  7. The course change report from the University Course and Programs Committee was unanimously approved (Attachment B).
  8. The graduate faculty recommendations contained in Attachment C were unanimously approved.

There being no other business, the Council adjourned at 3:03 p.m. The Council will meet next on Thursday, December 13th at 2:00 p.m., in the Upchurch Conference Room of Bell Engineering.