Attachment A

Graduate Faculty Status Changes For September 2021

Name, Highest Degree (Institution), Title, Department, Requested Status

  • Dionne, Terrell J., Ph.D. (University of Colorado, Boulder), Teaching Assistant Professor, Communications, II
  • Grignola, Fernando, Ph.D. (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University), Contingent Professor, Crop Soil and Environmental Science, II-T
  • Jaeckle, Heidi, Ed.D. (University of Arkansas), Instructor, Rehabilitation, Human Resources and Communication Disorders, V-T
  • Kindy, Phillip D., M.I.S (University of Arkansas), Lecturer, Information Systems, V
  • Krutz, Larry J., Ph.D. (Texas A&M University), Contingent Professor, Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness, III-T
  • Libohova, Zamir, Ph.D. (Purdue University), Contingent Professor, Crop, Soil, and Environmental Science, II-T
  • Liu, Yongcheng, Ph.D. (Fudan University), Contingent Professor, Food Science, II
  • Shallcross, Nicholas J., Ph.D. (University of Arkansas), Teaching Assistant Professor, Industrial Engineering, III
  • An, Jamin, Ph.D. (University of California, Los Angeles), Instructor, School of Art, II-T
  • Freeman, Shelby, M.S. (University of Arkansas), Graduate Assistant, Rehabilitation, Human Resources and Communication Disorders, VI-T