Attachment D

Graduate Faculty Status Changes For: October 2021


Name, Highest Degree (Institution), Title, Department, Requested Status

  • Berndt, Williams, Ph.D. (Michigan State University), Contingent Professor, Horticulture, II-T
  • Biddinger, David J., Ph.D. (Penn State University), Contingent Professor, Entomology, IV-T
  • Collins, Mary, Ph.D. (University of Arkansas), Lecturer, Curriculum and instruction, V-T
  • Fowler, Jason B., M.B.A (John Brown University), Lecturer, Accounting, III-T
  • Fox, Johnt T., Ph.D. (Virginia Tech), Lecturer, Biological Sciences, V-T
  • Hennessey, Jennifer B., Ed.D. (University of Arkansas, Little Rock), Lecturer, Curriculum and Instruction, IV-T
  • Jennings, Fred J., Ph.D. (University of Missouri), Visiting Assistant Professor, Communication, IV-T
  • Lambert, Lauren E., M.A. (Missouri State University), Instructor, Communication, V-T
  • Lohakare, Jayant, Ph.D. (Indian Veterinary Research Institute), Contingent Associate Professor, Poultry Science, II-T
  • Moore, Brian L., M.S.W. (University of Arkansas, Little Rock), Lecturer, Social Work, V-T
  • Royer, Annie, Ph.D. (University of Paris), Contingent Associate Professor, Political Science, II-T
  • Sadegh-Jourabchi, Ali M., M.S. (University of Arkansas), Lecturer, Management, IV-T
  • Thein, Richard P., M.A. (Southern Illinois University), Clinical Assistant Professor, Journalism, IV-T
  • Tuychiev, Hayot, M.A. (University of Arkansas), Instructor, Journalism, III-T
  • Upadhyay, Abhinav, Ph.D. (University of Connecticut), Contingent Assistant Professor, Poultry Science, II-T
  • Vire, Keith D., Ph.D. (University of Arkansas), Contingent Lecturer, Rehabilitation, Human Resources and Communication Disorders, II-T
  • Wagner, Daniel M., M.S. (University of Arkansas), Lecturer, Geosciences, IV-T
  • Yancy-Taylor, Pamela N., Ed.D (Freed-Hardeman University), Instructor, Curriculum and Instruction, III-T
  • Zito, Mark F., Ed.D (University of Massachusetts, Amherst), Contingent Assistant Professor, Curriculum and Instruction, II-T
  • Zweig, Mark C., M.B.A. (Southern Illinois University, Carbondale), Instructor, Management, V-T