November Agenda

Thursday, November 19th, 2020

2:00 p.m.

Microsoft Teams

  1. Minutes for the October 15th, 2020, Graduate Council meeting will stand approved if no corrections are received. (Please review the Graduate Council Minutes before the meeting.)

    Note: The Graduate Council did meet in September, but only to introduce new members. Those minutes are also available on our website.
  2. Announcements
  3. Dean’s Report
  4. New Business, Program Changes, College of Education and Health Professions
    1. Department of Curriculum and Instruction,
      1. Proposal to modify the admissions requirements for the Educational Specialist degree in Curriculum and Instruction (CIEDES) by requiring the GRE only for those applicants with a GPA below 3.5 in prior graduate work.
      2. Proposal to modify the admissions and graduation requirements for the Masters of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction (CIEDME) by eliminating the GRE as a requirement for admission and making curricular changes.
    2. Department of Rehabilitation, Human Resources and Communication Disorders, proposal to modify the Master of Education degree in Higher Education (HIEDME) by increasing the required hours from 33 to 36 and revising course requirements.
  5. New Business, Program Changes, Graduate School
    1. Proposal to modify the Educational Statistics and Psychometrics Concentration in the Masters of Science degree in Statistics and Analytics (STANMS-EDSP) by removing ESRM 5653 as a required course; adding ESRM 5013 as a required course; and reducing the number of required hours from 12 to nine, making the degree hours in this concentration consistent with the other concentrations (30 hours).
    2. Proposal to modify the Statistics Concentration in the Masters of Science degree in Statistics and Analytics (STANMS-STAT) by removing STAT 639V as a required course and replacing it with STAT 5443 Computational Statistics.
  6. New Business, Program Changes, Walton College of Business, Department of Information Systems
    1. Proposal to modify the Enterprise Systems Graduate Certificate (ENTGSGC) by adding ISYS 5103 to the required courses and adding a track in Cybersecurity.
    2. Proposal to modify the Master of Information Systems degree (INSYMI) by adding a concentration in Cybersecurity Management (INSYMI-CBMT).
    3. Proposal to modify the Ph.D. degree in Information Systems (ISYSPH) by making curricular changes and clarifying existing requirements.
  7. New Business, New Degree Proposal: Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, School of Art, Proposal to create a Master of Design degree in Design for Collaborative Futures.
    Program change proposals and new program proposals may be viewed on the Program and Unit Changes page or in Attachment A. For item 6b., please also see Attachment B and Attachment C.
  8. Policy change, graduate certificates (Attachment D).
  9. Course change reports from the University Course and Programs Committee (UCPC) (Attachment E).
  10. Graduate faculty recommendations for faculty: A preliminary list is attached (Attachment F). Graduate faculty recommendations for graduate assistants (Attachment G). Graduate faculty applications previously approved (via email) are in Attachment H. A complete list will be distributed at the meeting.
  11. Other Business