Attachment D

Graduate Faculty Status Approved For: February 2021

Name, Highest Degree (Institution), Title, Department, Requested Status

  • Aloisio, Silvia, Ph.D. (Universita di Roma), Adjunct Instructor, Architecture, IV-T
  • Arenas, Sarah E., O.T.D. (University of Arkansas), Adjunct Instructor, Occupational Therapy, IV
  • Asheghi, Mehdi, Ph.D. (Stanford University), Adjunct Professor, Electrical Engineering, II-T
  • Buono, Antonella, Ph.D. (La Spienza University), Instructor, Architecture, IV-T
  • Conley, Nathaniel, Ph.D. (University of Arkansas), Lecturer, Graduate School and International Education, IV-T
  • Cullen, Thomas, Ph.D. (University of Toronto), Postdoc, Geosciences, II-T
  • D’Angelo, Laura, Ph.D. (Roma Tre University), Adjunct Instructor, Architecture, IV-T
  • Elliott, Ashlyn, O.T.D. (University of Arkansas), Instructor, Occupational Therapy, IV
  • Fugitt, Jessica, Ph.D. (University of Arkansas), Associate Professor, Psychology, II
  • Fung, Cadi, Ph.D. (Michigan State University), Instructor, Geosciences, V
  • Glade, Rachel, Ph.D. (University of Arkansas), Clinical Associate Professor, Rehabilitation, Human Resources, and Communication Disorders, II
  • Hinish, Sheri, M.S. (Rutgers, Harvard), Instructor, Supply Chain Management, V
  • Jia, Shang, Ph.D. (University of California Berkeley), Research Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry, I
  • *Kim, Kyuree, Ph.D. (Iowa State University), Assistant Professor, Human Environmental Sciences, I
  • King, Bonnie, Ed.D. (University of Arkansas), Instructor, Curriculum and Instruction, II
  • *Kud, Joanna, Ph.D. (University of Idaho), Assistant Professor, Entomology and Plant Pathology, I
  • Miller, Perry, Ph.D. (University of Minnesota), Adjunct Professor, Biological Engineering, II-T
  • Moss, Danielle, O.T.D. (University of Arkansas), Instructor, Occupational Therapy, V
  • Ogilvie, Chrissy, Ph.D. (University of Central Florida), Lecturer, Curriculum and Instruction, IV
  • Parker, Daniel, Ed.D. (University of Arkansas), Adjunct Instructor, Rehabilitation, Human Resources, and Communication Disorders, V
  • Standifer, Terrill, M.I.S. (University of Arkansas), Lecturer, MBA, IV
  • Suarez, Marina, Ph.D. (University of Kansas), Adjunct Associate Professor, Geosciences, II-T