August Minutes

August 19th, 2022

The Council met remotely via Teams.

Members Present


Faculty representatives: Professors A.A.K. Alrubaye, T.P. Cronan, K. Hall, C. Hestekin, L. Hinrichsen, M.T. Miller, C.R. Rom, J.C. Rupe, J.D. Webb, J. Whayne, A. Zajicek

Student representatives: Student representatives: Mr. A. Hatch, Ms. D. McGee, Mr. K. Olatunde


Professors A.E. Ellstrand, M.S. Ganio, J. Gigantino, A. Gonzalez, T. Murphy, L.J. Robertson, S.R. Schulte

Members Absent


Faculty representative: Professor P.C. Calleja


Professor E. Goodstein-Murphree

Division of Student Affairs representative: Dr. L.M. Yingling


Mr. Dakota Kalkstein


Professors S.M. Kenner, J.A. Murdock

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m. by Chair James Gigantino.

  1. Minutes for the April 21st, 2022, Graduate Council meeting stand approved, as no changes were suggested. (Graduate Council Minutes.)
  2. Announcements: Professor J. Gigantino welcomed Professors A.A.K. Alrubaye, M.T. Miller, and T.R. Murphy to the Graduate Council. Professor J. Gigantino informed the Council about the overall decrease in graduate student enrollment. Professor J. Gigantino went on to inform the Council that projected overall graduate student enrollment will likely be down 2-3% for Fall 2022 while projected international graduate student enrollment is up 32% and ahead of pre-pandemic numbers. Professor J. Gigantino then informed the Council of his departure from the Council starting August 19th, 2022.
  3. Dean’s Report: Professor C.R. Rom began by welcoming the new Council members. Professor C.R. Rom then told the Council about the overall increase in the number of university students enrolled projected at just below 31,000 for the first time. Professor Rom then informed the Council that Professor J. Gigantino would be assuming the role of Interim Vice Provost for Academic Affairs as of August 22nd, 2022. Professor C.R. Rom then informed the Council that Professor C. Hestekin would be assuming the role of Interim Associate Dean for the Graduate School & International Education as well as Graduate Council Chair as of August 22nd, 2022. Professor C.R. Rom went on to inform the Council about the Graduate School & International Education’s enrollment goals. Professor C.R. Rom then told the Council that Patricia Gamboa started in the role of Assistant Dean of the Graduate School July 1st, 2022, to address graduate enrollment and recruiting. Professor C.R. Rom went on to inform the Council about the Graduate School & International Education’s aim to maintain and grow doctoral student enrollment and graduation.
  4. The following program proposals were approved unanimously and will go to the Faculty Senate (the name of the presenter is in parentheses):
    1. Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences
      1. Proposal to create the Master of Music degree in Black Sacred Music (BLSMMM) (Professor J.A. Murdock).
    2. College of Education and Health Professionals
      1. Proposal to modify the Doctor of Nursing Practice degree (NURSDP) in the School of Nursing by clarifying progression requirements (Professor M.S. Ganio).
    3. Walton College of Business
      1. Proposal to modify the Master of Science degree in Marketing (MKTGMS) by altering admission policies, updating comprehensive exam equivalencies, and changing course requirements (Professor A.E. Ellstrand).
    4. Graduate School and International Education
      1. Proposal to create a new Graduate MicroCertificate in Qualitative Inquiry (QUALGM) administered by the Public Policy PhD Program (Professor J. Gigantino).
        Program change proposals and new program proposals may be viewed on The Registrar's Office Program and Unit Changes page or in Attachment A.
  5. New Business: The Graduate Council Membership: Proposal to add two non-voting positions to represent (1) Provost’s Office-Curriculum Review and Assessment and (2) Global Campus. The Graduate Council voted 9 to 2 with 1 abstention in favor of the proposition.
  6. New Business: Proposal to Modify Graduate School Standard Examination Policy (Attachment B). The Council voted unanimously in favor of the proposed amendment to the language contained in Attachment B. The Council went on to vote unanimously in favor of the proposal as amended.
  7. New Business: The proposal to modify Graduate School Admission Requirements and Readmission Requirements, including a reduction of the time for course forfeiture from five years to three years, contained in Attachment C were approved unanimously by the Graduate Council.
  8. New Business: The proposed course additions and changes contained in Attachment D were approved unanimously.
  9. Graduate faculty recommendations for faculty: The Graduate faculty application of Karen Castleman presented by Professor S.R. Schulte was unanimously approved by the Graduate Council. The Graduate Council then went on to unanimously approve the remaining graduate faculty recommendations contained in Attachment E.
  10. Other Business: The Graduate Council voted 9 to 1 to meet in a hybrid mode for the remainder of the Fall 2022 semester.

There being no other business, the Council adjourned at 3:41 p.m. The Council will meet next in person on the 5th floor of Old Main on September 15th, 2022.