October Minutes

October 17th, 2019


Voting: Professors P.C. Calleja, T.P. Cronan, N.D. Dennis, A.G.P. Dowling, J. Gigantino, C. Hestekin, V. H. Hunt, J.B. Kerr, J.W. Murry, K.L. Needy, J.C. Rupe, A. Zajicek; Ms. Ashly Romero

Non-Voting: Professors A.E. Ellstrand, P.R. Koski, L.L. Lennertz, K. Mamiseishvili; Dr. L.M. Yingling


Voting: Professors V.P. Anand, J.D. Webb; one representative from the Graduate and Professional Student Congress

Non-Voting: Professor L.J. Robertson

SECRETARY Terri Fisher

GUESTS Professor R. Glade, R. Rao, L. Roe

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m. by Chair Patricia Koski.

  1. Minutes for the September 19th, 2019, Graduate Council meeting stand approved, as no changes were suggested. (Graduate Council Minutes)
  2. New members, Ashly Romero and Leslie Yingling, representing Graduate and Professional Student Congress and Student Affairs, respectively, were introduced and welcomed.
  3. Dean Needy shared that a search is underway to hire a new Director of Graduate and International Recruitment and Admissions to replace Lynn Mosesso, who is retiring.
  4. Old Business: The following policies were approved and will go next to the Faculty Senate as information items:
    1. A policy for the use of copy editors in theses and dissertations (Attachment A).
    2. A policy for removing graduate faculty status (Attachment B).
  5. New Business: The following program proposals were approved and will go next to the Faculty Senate for vote (presenter’s name is in parentheses)
    • Proposal to modify the M.S. degree in Biomedical Engineering (BMEGMS) by adding a healthcare entrepreneurship concentration, changing the CIP code and making catalog edits (Professor R. Rao)
    • Proposal to modify the Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering (CHEGPH), by reducing elective hours from six to three; reducing technical elective hours from 18 to 12; and increasing dissertation hours by nine (Professor C. Hestekin)
    • Proposal to modify the Ph.D. degree in Space and Planetary Sciences (SPACPH) by changing catalog copy to show the correct number of total hours; showing the seminar as a required core course; and providing a list of potential electives (Professor L. Roe)
    • Proposal to delete the Addiction Counseling concentration in the M.S. degree in Counseling (CNSLMS-ADCN) (Professor K. Mamiseishvili)
    • Proposal to deactivate the Executive Leader concentration in the M.S. degree in Nursing (NURSMS-EXLD) (Professor K. Mamiseishvili)
    • Proposal to create a post-master’s certificate in Advanced School-Based Speech-Language Pathology (ASPLMC) (Professor R. Glade)
    • Proposal to create a graduate certificate in Nursing Education (NUEDGC) (Professor K. Mamiseishvili).
    Program change proposals and new program proposals may be viewed on Program and Unit Changes or in Attachment C.
  6. The course change reports contained in Attachment D were approved unanimously.
  7. The graduate faculty recommendations contained in Attachment E were approved unanimously.

There being no other business, the Council adjourned at 2:42 p.m. The Council will meet next on November 21st at 2:00.